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Medals Ateneo de Málaga 2018


As it has been already traditional, the Ateneo de Málaga awards the Ateneo Medals each year, in recognition of the people or entities dedicated to culture, whose trajectory has demonstrated a social and cultural commitment to our city.
In this 2018, the Board of Directors of the Ateneo, meeting last April 3 and presided over by Victoria Abón, has awarded the Ateneo Medals to the following persons and entities: Anton García Abril Diana Navarro Francisco Peralto Vicar Diego Rodríguez Vargas Association against silence and oblivion, for the recovery of historical memory

The ceremony of delivery of the Medals will be next May 17, at 20 hours, in the Unicaja concert hall Mª Cristina, and will be attended by the city authorities. The act will be conducted by Pilar Flores Nuñez and the Youth Orchestra Promúsica will be directed by the maestro Javier Claudio, who will dedicate a song to each winner, chosen expressly by our music vocalist Paula Coronas, for her relationship with the honoree.

The winners: Anton García Abril Anton García Abril is one of the best Spanish composers of today. On the verge of turning 85, he will receive this Ateneo de Málaga Medal that adds to an extensive list of prizes among which it is worth mentioning: his admission to the Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando in 1982, National Music Prize in 1993, and in 2006 he received the Ibero-American Music Prize Tomas Luis de Victoria, the equivalent of the Cervantes Prize in classical music. Continuer of the Spanish musical tradition, its aesthetic connects with the modernity of

present and becomes a benchmark of the musical avant-garde. The teacher feels deeply attached to Málaga, to whose city he has dedicated a decisive artistic contribution.

Diana Navarro Of Andalusian and Manchegan roots, this singer from Malaga rocked by the Andalusian Folklore and the native cantes, after 20 years of stages, she would really be discovered by the song "Sola", work that earned her the Ondas Award, consolidating an unstoppable career. Its merit lies in knowing how to intelligently merge the most traditional and popular genres, reinventing the copla and Flamenco, which gives it a new dimension. Its unique melismatic and rigorous interpretation, make it a unique and genuine voice. He has also carried out with great success works in the world of television and cinematography. Although he can work and reside abroad, he always returns to Málaga and carries it by flag.

Francisco Peralto Vicario He was born in Málaga in 1942. He is a book fan, versal and experimental poet, narrator, essayist, and literary critic. His determined vocation of patronage has led him, from the modesty of his economic resources, to publish a wide range of Andalusian writers (more than 1,500 titles), promoting the dissemination and visualization of his works. It is, in addition the last exponent of those printers / poets from Malaga, the tradition embodied in Emilio Prados and Manuel Altolaguirre.

Diego Rodríguez Vargas Primary Teacher, Diploma in Social Sciences and Honorary Collaborator of the University of Malaga, awarded for his educational innovations: Discovering Latin America (Accésit Premio Santillana 1998), Where is the forest? (1st Santillana Prize 1999), We discovered Biodiversity (Atendis Prize 2004). Compiled in the book What will Bryan think of us? (2004). Theatrical author as a pedagogical resource in a dramatic game format, he received the "Recognition of Educational Merit" (2007) from the Junta de Andalucía. Member of the Commission of the European Union in the Cultural Cooperation Málaga, Nador and Tetuán (Interreg IIIA Program), published Al son de una casida (2005, translated into Arabic) and Al Ammariyya.