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Bank entities must return to the consumers the costs of formalization of the mortgage


As established in the Judgment of the First Chamber of the Supreme Court dated December 23, two thousand and fifteen, the clauses that impose on the consumer the payment of all the expenses derived from the granting of the deed Public mortgage (notary and registration of the property) as well as the taxes in which the taxable subject of the tax is the bank entity.

If you are the holder of a mortgage-backed loan, even if you have made a mortgage extension, we remain at your disposal to study, without any commitment, your particular case and perform, if appropriate, the appropriate extrajudicial claim To the bank returning the amounts unduly paid by consumers.

And it is that the legislation on consumers qualifies as abusive clauses, in any case, both "The transmission to the consumer and user of the economic consequences of administrative or management errors that are not attributable to him" as "The imposition to the consumer of The costs of documentation and processing that by law correspond to the employer ".