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Beginning of the period to make the declaration of income 2016.- Information and necessary documentation


RENDE 2016

We remind you that on June 30th, the deadline for submitting the declarations of income and equity ends, that is why, one more year, our professional office is at your disposal to give you the technical advice Necessary and make the corresponding declarations.

The basic documentation you will need is the following:

Personal data -DNI and personal data of members of the family unit.

-Certificates of degree of disability, if applicable.
Work performance -Certifications of work returns, unemployment, pensions, maternity leave, illness or accidents, etc. Pensions received abroad.
Capital and Values -Build fiscal and financial information certificates.
Real estate capital -Report results.

-Rentings and rental expenses. In the case of premises, certificates of withholding.
Entrepreneurs and professionals -Books of income, expenses and investments.

- Withholding certificates, in the case of Professionals, Farmers and Farmers.

-MULTURAL EMPRESARIALS: Certificate of withholdings applied to 1%.
Profit and loss of assets - Certificates of purchase and sale of shares, investment funds and other products.

-Justificante de compra y venta de inmuebles.

- Helps and subsidies received.

- Helps for the purchase of vehicles (for example PLA PIVE).
Reductions - Contributions to Pension Plans and Professional Mutuals.

- Judicial sentences of marital separation.
Deductions - Justification of Donations (NGOs, Political Parties, Catalan Language, etc ...)

- Receipts and rental contract for the usual home.

- Amount charged for early deduction for maternity, large family or disabled person in charge.

- Expenditures for the rehabilitation of the habitual residence.

- Mortgages for the purchase of habitual residence (constituted before 2013)

- Interest paid on loans for Masters and / or Doctorate studies.

- Acquisition of shares or participations in the concept of "Àngel Inversor".