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Important news for freelancers 22.06.2017



The Law on Urgent Measures of Self-employment was practically closed yesterday at the meeting of the Congress of Deputies where it has been negotiated.

This standard includes a dozen of novelties; The Law could be sent today to the Senate, so that it could come into effect from the end of June or early July.

The newest measure is that freelancers with employees in their position and fulfilled their legal retirement age will be able to reconcile the 100% payment of their pension with the maintenance of their activity, what is called Active Retirement.

For the rest of the self-employed, without employees, they will continue with 50% of their pension if they reconcile the payment of their retirement pension with the maintenance of their work activity.

Finally, the norm will allow the self-employed to deduct in the income tax "the expenses related to the activity for a maximum amount of 12 euros per day"; Although, they will be required to "make this amount in telematic support and can be checked in a reliable way through invoice or indirect payment systems that have this specific purpose" and, in addition, this expense must occur in days Workable and exclusively in catering and hotel establishments.

The rule is not yet definitively approved nor is it valid but it is expected that it will be soon.