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Minimum interprofessional salary for the year 2015: € 648.60 / month - € 21.62 per day


Royal Decree 1106/2014, of December 26, which establishes the minimum wage for 2015 (BOE 12-22-2014)

In compliance with the mandate for the Government to set the minimum wage in the year, contained in article 27.1 of the Law of the Workers' Statute, a consolidated text approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/1995, of March 24, is hereby approved by means of this royal decree To establish the amounts that must be effective as of January 1, 2015, for both permanent and temporary workers, as well as for home employees.

The new amounts, which represent an increase of 0.5 percent from those in force between January 1 and December 31, 2014, are the result of taking jointly into account all the factors contemplated in the aforementioned Article 27.1 Of the Workers' Statute.

The aforementioned increase responds to the improvement of the general conditions of the economy, while continuing to promote, in a balanced way, its competitiveness, thus reconciling the evolution of wages with the process of employment recovery.

This royal decree has been consulted with the most representative trade union organizations and business associations.

By virtue of it, at the proposal of the Minister of Employment and Social Security and after deliberation of the Council of Ministers at its meeting on December 26, 2014,


Article 1. Amount of the minimum interprofessional salary.

The minimum wage for any activity in agriculture, industry and services, regardless of sex or age of workers, is set at 21.62 euros / day or 648.60 euros / month, depending on whether the salary is Set for days or months.

The minimum wage is computed only in cash remuneration, without the wages in kind being able, in any case, to lead to the reduction of the full amount in money from that one.

This salary is understood as referring to the legal work day in each activity, not including in the case of the daily salary the proportional part of Sundays and holidays. If a lower day is performed, it will be paid on a pro rata basis.

For the application on an annual basis of the minimum wage, the rules on compensation set forth in the following articles shall be taken into account.

Article 2. Salary supplements.

The minimum wage stipulated in article 1 will be added, by using the module as appropriate, and as established in the collective agreements and work contracts, the salary supplements referred to in article 26.3 of the Workers' Statute, Consolidated text approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/1995, of March 24, as well as the amount corresponding to the guaranteed increase on the salary on time in the remuneration to premium or with incentive to the production.

Article 3. Compensation and absorption.


For the purposes of applying the last paragraph of article 27.1 of the Workers' Statute, as regards compensation and absorption on an annual basis for professional wages of the increase in the minimum wage, this will be done as follows:

1. The revision of the minimum interprofessional salary established in this royal decree will not affect the structure or the amount of the professional salaries perceived by workers when such wages as a whole and on an annual basis were higher than said minimum wage.

For this purpose, the minimum annual salary to be taken as a comparison period will be the result of adding to the minimum wage set in Article 1 of this royal decree the accruals referred to in article 2, without in any case Consider an annual amount less than 9,080.40 euros.

2. These perceptions are compensable with the revenues that for all concepts were perceived by workers on an annual and full-time basis in accordance with legal or conventional rules, arbitration awards and individual contracts of employment in effect on the date of promulgation of this royal decree .

3. The legal or conventional rules and the arbitration awards that are in force on the date of promulgation of this royal decree will subsist in their own terms, without further modification than is necessary to ensure the perception of the quantities in annual computation They result from the application of section 1 of this article, and, as a consequence, professional wages should be increased below the total annual indicated in the amount necessary to match this.

Article 4. Temporary and temporary workers and home employees.

1. Temporary workers and temporary workers whose services are not more than one hundred and twenty days will receive, together with the minimum wage referred to in article 1, the proportional part of the remuneration of Sundays and holidays, as well as the Two extraordinary bonuses to which, at a minimum, every worker is entitled, corresponding to the salary of thirty days in each of them, without in any case the amount of the professional salary may be less than 30.72 euros per legal day in the activity .

With regard to the remuneration of the workers' vacations referred to in this article, said workers will collect, in conjunction with the minimum interprofessional salary set in Article 1, the proportional part of the corresponding minimum legal holiday in the assumptions In which there was no coincidence between the period of enjoyment of the holidays and the term of validity of the contract. In all other cases, the remuneration of the vacation period will be made in accordance with article 38 of the Workers' Statute and other rules of application.

2. In accordance with article 8.5 of Royal Decree 1620/2011 of November 14, which regulates the special employment relationship of the family home service, which takes as a reference for the determination of the minimum wage of employees For those who work for hours, on an external basis, the one set for temporary and temporary workers and home employees and which includes all remuneration concepts, the minimum wage for said home employees will be 5.08 euros per hour actually worked .

3. In the amounts of the minimum wage per days or hours set in the preceding sections, only remuneration in money is computed, without the wages in kind being able, in any case, to lead to the reduction of the total amount in money of those .

First final provision. Enabling for application and development.

The Minister of Employment and Social Security is authorized to dictate the provisions for the application and development of this royal decree.

Second final provision. Entry into force and period of validity.

This Royal Decree shall enter into force on the day following its publication in the "Official State Gazette" and will take effect during the period from January 1 to December 31, 2015, proceeding, accordingly, to the salary payment Minimum in the same established with effects from January 1, 2015.

Given in Madrid, on December 26, 2014.FELIPE R.

The Minister of Employment and Social Security, FÁTIMA BÁÑEZ GARCÍA