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App Perfumerías Primor created with the Reskyt platform

A benchmark in the perfumery of our country.


Perfumerías Primor, founded in 1953, is a 100% Malaga-based family business that has experienced unstoppable expansion throughout Spain.

We do not have franchises, all stores are self-managed.

Perfumerías Primor has been endorsed by distinctions such as:

  • Best perfumery in 2008 and   Again Best Perfumery in 2017 .
  • Best evolution in 2004.
  • Indirect recognition by the OCU, such as the   perfumery with the best prices in Spain .
  • 3rd in Spain in engagement in   social networks   in 1Q 2017.
  • Best selective perfumery   in Christmas 2016 campaign by   Google .
  • Best Commercial Formula 2019 .
  • TOP 1 Ecommerce in Spain   in the Perfume & Beauty category, from 2016 to 2020.

Currently Perfumerías Primor consists of more than 150 stores that range from Malaga to Madrid through Granada, Córdoba, Seville, Barcelona ... and reaching Portugal. Our stores are located both at street level and in the main shopping centers of the Spanish and Portuguese geography.

The innovative nature of the facilities and the search for new firms and concepts makes   Perfumerías Primor a benchmark in perfumery in our country.