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Conasi - Specialists in Healthy Cooking

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Conasi was born in Germany in 2004 , being a pioneer company importing products for healthy eating into the Spanish market that were totally unknown here at that time, such as bakeries without Teflon, cereal mills, ecological yeasts, frying pans without Teflon, dehydrators and novel and high-quality products. The best quality. From that moment on, Conasi has grown to be the company that you can visit here , in continuous development.

Its pillars are twofold: offering products for healthy eating and rigorous information so that everyone is able to make their own informed decisions. Looking for neutral information, verified and on many occasions, based on their own experience. Because they understand that healthy eating is not so easy to carry out in a world full of contradictory theories and advertising and economic interests that mislead us. Therefore, from the beginning they are providing quality information that allows everyone to make an informed choice.