RESKYT ONLINE Restaurant El Palau d'Anglesola Albacete

Goya Computer Solutions committed to the Aragonese Federation of golf.

Presentation App Aragonese Federation of Golf created Reskyt.


Yesterday November 26 took place at the Hotel Reina Petronila Zaragoza Golf Aragones annual gala organized by the Aragonese Federation of Golf and number of participants, in which they presented the trophies matches organized the federation, as well as partners and sponsors awards and tribute was paid to the youth section of the Federation for their good work in recent months.

Goya Computer Solutions was present as a sponsor to help in organizing and collaborating with some gifts for the winners. The event also served to present the new APP federation members and audience (made by Goya Computer Solutions).

Once again a great success of the Aragonese Federation of Golf which took the opportunity to congratulate.