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Wine is Social   It was created by a group of people crazy about wine and because of its more social dimension:   wine is fully enjoyed when shared . We also did it convinced that we had to   change the way of explaining and selling wine . Wine has traditionally used a very complicated and intimidating language and we thought it necessary to make it easier, more enjoyable, educational and close. Describing the wine in a technical way, the unique story, often almost romantic, that each wine can tell about its place and its people is forgotten.

In short, the reflection that led us to create Wine is Social in 2012 was that we fell in love with wine and that if we wanted to share this passion with many more winelovers we should make everything much easier, more oriented towards enjoyment and learning. And so we define   the mission, to create love for wine, which has guided our steps until today.

One of our achievements, of which we are very proud, are   the symbols we use to classify wines , a unique formula. In an easy, fast and without technicalities,   we describe a wine in a generic way based on its typology

If you do not know it, we invite you to discover it in our   Tasting test , where in two minutes you will discover the styles of wine that suit your tastes.

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