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Oct8ne integrates with Reskyt!


As you know, since last September Oct8ne integrates perfectly with Reskyt to offer its visual customer service within the app environment and be totally omnichannel.

Now we integrate completely at the level of functionalities and menu options!

With this new improvement, Oct8ne will appear as another option within the menu of your application to improve the user experience of your customers.

And is it really important to offer a customer service also in the apps?

Of course. With the same usability, users prefer to buy more from a mobile application than from the smartphone's browser.

So if your business does not have an App yet, do it with us! We will be in charge of generating an App totally synchronized with your eCommerce without touching the source code, so the cost will be much lower than the cost of developing an App from scratch.

If you are already a Reskyt customer and do not have a chat, do it with Oct8ne! Your team takes care of everything and you will be able to boost your sales with a customer service omnichannel .

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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