RESKYT Internet El Palau d'Anglesola Lleida

Reskyt has developed Web App and the City of Bellvís i els Arcs

Advantages of Application Reskyt municipalities.


Apart from a very high amount of benefits in terms of technology, we show some of the most important advantages that can offer the RESKYT platform for municipalities:

It is a great contradiction that virtually 100% of citizens with a profile of 15 to 50 years mobile phone carry over, however the municipalities do not have their web adapted to mobile. Reskyt can adapt any mobile web format very easily and with very tight costs.

With traditional web is only the citizen, the only one who can interact with the city. Reskyt allows the City can also communicate with citizens in a very easy, modern and immediate through Notifications Push. This allows us to create a two-way interaction system as it can offer news, proclamations, deaths, public programs, etc.

93% of people who have a Smartphone are the most common users of social networks. Reskyt allows interaction with any of the most popular as it is Facebook, Twitter social network, Google +, etc.

Not only with the most common social networks, but also with the communication system most used around the world, WhatsApp, since Reskyt very easily allows users to share web content using this application.

Internally, the level and content management platform, there is an application that once configured, you can send thousands of WhatsApp once, introducing phones users.

The event schedule will allow us to keep citizens informed of any event taking place in the population with the entire range of desired time and entering all the information you want to give it.

The platform includes the ability to create forms of all kinds. An example might be a complaint form infrastructure of the town, where a citizen could introduce the text of the problem and include a photograph of the corresponding deficiency (such as a bad roadway ...).

Noticeboard where they could communicate all kinds of information of general interest, such as job offers companies the population, public offerings by occupation of public roads, calls generally full City Council, etc.