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The liking release a mobile app to encourage more street network

Liking Association has released this week a new application for mobile phones created by Reskyt


Liking Association has released this week a new application for mobile phones open to all citizens targarina to create more street network and encourage participation. The application has all the information on the activities organized by the association and a calendar with all events held in Tarrega by all entities.

The application can be downloaded to all devices with Android and Iphone free searching it through the download platforms Play Store and the App Store by typing the word "liking". The system also provides a notification service to send notifications about news, special communications competitions organized by the various activities. In the application there is also a space for commissions and to contact or become a member of the organization, as well as a service to upload photos.

Another strong point of the application of liking is space for shops targarins promotions. Here all the shops and businesses in the city have a meeting to promote a special offer or discount for people who have downloaded the application. In these early days have already reached 350 downloads and encouraged everyone to have it on your device.

The creation of the application for mobile devices has also meant the renewal of the website of the Association liking ( ) very modern and easy to use. On this website there is all the information of the entity and a special section for over 1,000 members of the organization and reviews the proceedings of the council. To defray the cost and maintenance of the application, the committee promotions inciarà a campaign to have the collaboration of targarins businesses that want to promote their products and services and web application liking.