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The populations of Ribera Sur united in one App

Local commerce is the heart of the town


“Ribera Sur” is the name of a cooperation initiative that emerged between the towns of Buñuel, Cabanillas, Cortes, Fustiñana and Ribaforada. Five towns located in the South of the Navarra Community.

Its five municipalities, saving all political ideologies, began to work together as a result of the scourge of the pandemic generated by COVID-19 in the Basic Health Zone of Buñuel to which they belong. Initially, in their work meetings, contagion data was analyzed and common measures were taken to prevent the proliferation of cases, such as suspending all scheduled socio-cultural events and closing the use of playgrounds and playgrounds. the gang quarters.

From that moment, and given that the social and economic problems were similar in the five localities, ideas were emerging to develop as a block and help each other to get ahead of the crisis generated by the pandemic.

The mayors: Gustavo Rodríguez (PSN), Mayor of Cabanillas; Fernando Sierra (CET), Mayor of the Cortes; Mayte Espinosa (Let's Change Buñuel), Mayor of Buñuel; Sergio Vitas (Na +), Mayor of Fustiñana and Tirso Calvo (PSN), Mayor of Ribaforada, have clearly seen that there is no other way to help their neighbors, than by joining together in pursuit of the economic reactivation of the entire area and One of the first points to be developed in common has been the development of a campaign to support and help local commerce in the area and the promotion of the circular economy among the five towns that has had the support of the Navarra Chamber to carry out in front of.

But the “Ribera Sur” concept goes much further than a “brand”. It aims to be a symbol of unity in favor of citizenship on issues such as employment, culture, tourism, commerce, ... and a reflection of an entire idiosyncrasy, "proud to be riberos."

This project will continue to grow and develop to make La Ribera a more united, prosperous and future-oriented place.