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Tíanimal: X-ray of the best ecommerce in Spain in 2020, with Belén Muñoz

Posted: marketing4ecommerce


It is always nice to know the successes of our clients and more when they comment on the importance and advantages that the App brings to their eCommerce.

Minute 19:00 of the interview: How do you work on the recruitment?

The application is the most powerful at the recurrence level and is beginning to be the second channel to attract.

We do in-app discount campaigns, we start working on it with specific promotions and it's working very well.

Minute 33:35 of the interview: Do you prefer that the loyal public is in the app?

This is something very organic that we have noticed without campaigning. We already had the app and in March 2020 it exploded without us doing anything, we saw that preference of users who wanted to have more ease and speed with their mobile, making it easier to repeat the order. In addition to that we have daily promotions with notifications.

Previously, email was the third most powerful channel and has been overtaken by the app. For us it is the traffic source with the most sales, specifically 30% of the turnover.

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