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Tiendanimal already has its App created with Reskyt.

eCommerce leader in selling pet products.


In Reskyt we are very pleased to announce the new App we created for Tiendanimal, eCommerce leader in its sector. You can download the app on your phone, by clicking the following link: or looking for Tiendanimal on platforms download Google Play, App Store or Windows Phone.

Reskyt can create an App from any eCommerce responsive without modifying the source code. Ideal for those who do not want to invest eCommerce great resources both economically and personally. The end result is an App that is synchronized with the content of eCommerce, plus a shortcut menu. If desired, you can customize a home with images of categories and subcategories access to eCommerce.

One of the greatest satisfactions of our customers, as has also been the case of Tiendanimal, is that the creation of the App has been developed in a very professional and fast. But above all the incentive that makes it an exceptional product, is that any type of content updates, price changes or design made in eCommerce, is synchronized in real time on the App user.

Thus, any eCommerce can offer a new sales channel and loyalty to their customers without any duplication of content. In addition you will also have a new channel of communication because you can send push notifications promotions to all users who have downloaded the app with powerful filters and segmentation: by form, and geolocation information from your CRM.

If you have a created in Prestashop eCommerce, Magento, Woocommece or any other platform and want to have your own APP, please contact us at or 902 731 998.