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Trucco Spanish women's fashion brand with 30 years of experience in women's fashion.

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The brand has more than 240 points of sale in 13 countries - Spain, Portugal, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Italy, Andorra, Paraguay, Qatar, the Dominican Republic, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand - through its own stores, franchises, multi-brand stores and corners in department stores.

Of these points of sale, 15 are own stores or franchise stores, with a very unified image, in the best streets of each city or in shopping centers with the most traffic.

In the national territory, it has started an expansion with the help of El Corte Inglés that will reach 48 corners.

The Trucco brand is based on a very personal concept of lifestyle that is transferred to its collections with designs that interpret trends in a very relaxed way, with high-quality fabrics and exclusive prints, competitive prices and excellent customer service.

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