RESKYT Internet El Palau d'Anglesola Lleida

Create, customize and present the information of any Database in your App or Web, using the search criteria, filters and visualization of content that you consider most appropriate.

Create and configure all fields for your own unique database.

The creation of the fields is very fast and simple. Simply select the desired field type from a pre-defined list on the platform. Examples of fields: text, long text, date, numeric, document, drop-down list, images, provinces, etc. At any time you can instantly change the order of the fields.
Smart search. Type one or several words in the search engine and automatically display all the records that match the database.

Filtered by fields. Filter based on one or more fields configured by the administrator. Search by fields.

Search by different fields (previously configured) in order to facilitate the segmentation of information to the end user.

Own and unique database

Import and export the database

Enter records from form

Multiple types of searches

Multiple view types

App connection

ECommerce connection

Records with geolocation on map

Multiple languages

Multimedia content

PDF registration form

Exclusive QR code

Custom settings

Share on social networks

Reskyt allows the creation of more than one profile of records (set of fields)
with the objective of differentiating the contents of information.