Different types of menus and sub - menus of the App.
Carousel of promotional products in the Home of the App.
Customization of the top bar of the App with informative texts.
Tracking visits and sales of the App and notifications from Google Analytics.
Free push notifications sent per month. The rest at 0.0019 € / notification. 20,000 200,000
Sending push notifications programmed by date and time.
Sending notifications segmented by form, geolocation or by CRM.
Sending push notifications through API.
UTM in the notifications with identification of source, medium and campaign.
Visualization of the location of the users who connect in the App.
Integration of the number of products of the cart in the menu of the App.
Creation of Landing Page to create promotions and send them through notifications.
Synchronization of the languages of your eCommerce with the App
Possibility of Publishing the App in different languages. (Consult)
Unique administration to manage the App of multiple countries.
Maintenance of the Home, menu, categories and subcategories of the App.
Access to the download of the App to test it before uploading it publicly.
Sending notifications through a private delivery channel for mass shipments.

Integration of deep links to open your Google, Newsletter, Facebook links ... from the App.

Integration of EAN / QR reader within the App.

Possibility of customized programming and basic personalization of CSS under budget.
ANNUAL / MONTHLY RATE € 1,300 / € 120 € 3,900 / € 380

Creation of the structure and design of the App, configuration of menus and start-up of the App.
Publication of the App on platforms: Google Play and App Store.
Formation of the Reskyt platform for the administration of your App.
Register your account as a developer in the App Store.
(By App Store policy, all eCommerce must register as a developer in the App Store, providing the market with their Visa Card for the payment of € 99 per year.)
* Single payment.