When accessing and use this service, you accepts and accesses to be forced by the terms and disposals of this agreement. Likewise, when using these particular services, you will be subject to all rule or guide of corresponding use that have published  for said services. All participation in this service will constitute the acceptance of this agreement.

If it does not accept to fulfil with the previous, please, do not use it.

According to the article 10 of the Law of Services of the Information Society and of the E-commerce (from now on, LSSI), of compulsory form, permanent, easy, direct and free, INFORM YOU:



Manager of the treatment of your data:



DNI-NIF:  B25767773

Postal address: Av. Pau Casals, 99

25243 The Palau D'Anglesola (Lleida)

Telephone: 902731 998.


Delegated Data protection: Eric Corbella Salvia



Inscribed the society in the Mercantile Register of Lleida, volume 1360, folio 97, leaf L27278.


2.- Which is the purpose of the treatment of your personal data?


In we treat the information that facilitate us the people interested with the following ends:


  • With the end to manage the sending of the information that request us.
  • Facilitate to the interested offers of products and services of his interest.
  • Can offer him our products and services in accordance with his interests.
  • Improve his experience of user.


To fulfil these ends will elaborate a commercial profile in base to the information facilitated.


They will not take  decisions automated in base to the profiles of the database.


Yes they will send  emails automated, previously programmed by the headline of the data or of his providers of services or employees, with the purpose to send the information of the novelties, and of the commercial products that will offer  through this web, so much if they are lodged in her as in platforms of third providers of said service.


Also we will use all type of cookies that consider adapted to our personal mark.


3.- By how long we will conserve your data?


The personal data provided in the web will conserve  during a term of ten years from the last confirmation of his interest. Also they will conserve  while it keep  the mercantile relation. They will do  disappear when it request  his suppression or portability by the interested.


4.- Legitimación


The treatment of his personal data is necessary for the fulfillment of the legal obligations derivatives of the Royal decree 1720/2001 of 21 December, by which approves  the Regulation of development of the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December of data protection of personal character.


The legal base for the treatment of your data is the execution of the on-line subscription to the form of contact of the web as well as the access to all the products purchased in said web.


The offer of products and services is based in the consent that requests you , without that in no case the withdrawal of this consent condition the execution of services or the delivery of pending products.


5.- Addressees to which will communicate  your data

The data collected through this web will communicate  to other companies of the business group for administrative ends interns, included the treatment of personal data of customers or employees.

RESKYT ON-LINE SL and to the one who communicate  the data will have of corporate norms vinculantes approved by the European Committee of data protection and available in


RESKYT ON-LINE SL hires his virtual infrastructure to the protect of the agreement EU-US Privacy Shield.



6.- Which are your rights when you facilitate us your data?

Any person has right to obtain the confirmation on if RESKYT ON-LINE SL is treating personal data that concern them or no.

The people interested have right to access to his personal data, as well as to request the rectification of the inaccurate data or, in his case, request his suppression when among others reasons, the data no longer are necessary for the ends that were collected.

In determinate circumstances, the interested will be able to request the limitation of the treatment of his data, in whose case only will conserve them for the exercise or the defence of claims.

In determinate circumstances and by reasons related with his particular situation, the interested will be able to oponerse to the treatment of his data.

RESKYT ON-LINE SL will leave to treat the data, save by legitimate reasons imperiosos or the exercise or the defence of possible claims.


7.- How we have obtained your data?

The personal data that treat in RESKYT ON-LINE SL proceed or of the own web, email, instantaneous mail or postal post of our company or of companies of the group.

The categories of data that treat are:

  • Data of identification
  • Codes or keys of identification
  • Postal addresses or electronic
  • Commercial information
  • Economic data

Also we inform that we do not obtain data especially protected of usual form.

If they arrive to our company data especially protected will protect them in accordance with the valid rule.



Through these legal conditions of contracting, put to disposal of the consumer the information pre-contractual to which refers  the article 6 of the Directive 2011/83.



In the page these hiring really with RESKYT ON-LINE SL,   NIF number B25767773 with the data of contact and domicile that appear in said web.

I receive the physical correspondence in Av. Pau Casals, 99 - 25243 Palau d'Anglesola (Lleida) and the posts in


Reskyt Is a developer of applications that publishes, by means of his platform in the markets of Google Play, App Store and Windows Phone. Reskyt Also is a developer of web pages by means of his platform lodged in our servers. Reskyt Also subcontracts by means of providers the creation of eCommerce published in the servers of our providers. Reskyt Also subcontracts with providers the creation of commands and accounts of post.

The prices of the services or products showed in our web indicate  in euros and do not include the VAT.

The offers are properly marked and identified like such.

His term of validity has effectiveness while they appear in his screen.

Said offers will be able to be modified or cancelled without prior notice.



I.- The company RESKYT ON-LINE SL is THE MANUFACTURER of a platform designated Reskyt, to offer services creation of App and of web pages to any type of company.

II.- The CUSTOMER is the company or individual that purchases the right of use of the platform and that pays thus an annual quota.

III.- The DISTRIBUTOR is a company authorised by means of agreement to commercialise the services of the platform Reskyt.



The acceptance by part of the customer of all the conditions generates the right to the use of the platform Reskyt under the terms established in the different sections to which the customer gives his compliance with the electronic acceptance of the same.

The manufacturer in determinate cases commercialises the use of the platform Reskyt to customers through his channel of distribution. In this case the distributors have the right to give high of use to his customers in the mentioned platform.



In the present the customer identifies  by means of User and password, facilitated previously by the Manufacturer or in his case by the Distributor.

Once identified the customer, presents him  an emergent sale with the content of the present agreement. In said page establish  the instructions for use from which The Customer has to use the platform like user registered.

Read the present conditions thoroughly before beginning to use it. The use of any part of the platform constitutes the acceptance of the present Instructions for use. Said acceptance goes in in force with the first use of the Platform.


In case of not agreeing with the established in the present Instructions for use, has to cease his use of the Platform of immediate form.

The present agreement has a postponable annual length tácitamente if any of the parts in the previous term of a month before the vencimiento does not notify to the another splits his intention to terminate it.

In each one of these prorrogas reserve us the right to modify the present instructions for use without previous notification. It is his responsibility review of form regulate the information published on-line with the aim to know to time the changes made.

The uninterruptible use of the once published platform the changes constitutes his acceptance of the Instructions for use amended.

The user holds responsible of any access to the Platform effected from his connection to internet and of the information facilitated to other people with regard to the present Instructions for use.

The user will not be able to use the Platform, neither enter in her, neither move to another user any content or information that:

  1. To) it Break any law, statute, norm or regulation.
  2. b) Was fraudulent or criminal.
  3. c) Was Illegal
  4. d) Can result obscene, indecent, pornográfico, racist, sexista, discriminatory, threatening, wanton, abusive, amenazador, difamatorio or false.
  5. And) it Pretend to be another person, company, entity or body, or distort the relation with any one of these.
  6. f) Infrinja Or violate the rights of author or of copyright (including without limiting the rights of author, of mark registered or of transmission).
  7. G) Can be contrary to our interests.
  8. h) Was contrary to any norm or specific requirement of the stipulated in the relative Platform to a part or to the whole of the same.
  9. i) Involve the use, the delivery or the transmission of virus, emails no wished, trojan, doors of capture, cheats, eggs of Pascua, worms, bombs of time, cancel boots or any routine of programming that have like purpose damage, interfere perjudicialmente, intercept clandestinely or expropiar any system, data or personal information.

By means of the acceptance of the present conditions, concedes to the Manufacturer an irrevocable licence, free, universal, transferible and sub-licenciable for the use of any information that enter  of direct or indirect form in our Platform with the end to use it in the own platform or for the marketing of our services (by any half and in any half).

The comments or any another material that publish  in the Platform do not pretend to establish the confidence to deposit in the same. In this way, we renounce to any responsibility arisen of the confidence deposited in said material by part of any visitor of the Platform or of any person that have received information about the content of the same.

It accepts to fulfil, at all times, the instructions of use of the Platform, that update each true period of time.



The periodicity of the use and of the payment of quota of the platform establishes  with annual or monthly character.

If by extraneous reasons to the will of the manufacturer the proprietary company of the platform decided his closing, will be able to the manufacturer terminate the present agreement of unilateral form with a preaviso of two months of antelación, without generating right any of compensation neither to the Manufacturer neither to the Distributor.



  1. The Customer accepts that, like consequence of the technical development of the platform, the acceptance of the products in the market can vary. Thus, the manufacturer will be able to unilaterally change his initial provision, leave to develop, to make or to commercialise any one of them or enter new or substitutive applications of the previous, informing of such decisions to the Customer with the greater antelación possible. These unilateral modifications never will give right to compensation any.

  2. The Customer will not have right to perceive neither demand compensation any by the fact that the manufacturer decide to leave to commercialise any one of the services, modify the prices and leave to loan or expand the services object of this agreement.

  3. The manufacturer neither the distributor, will not be responsible of any loss of profit expected, of loss of data, damages to the registers or any another damage or stray indirect, or special, derived of the use of the platform object of the present agreement. The Customer will not be able to effect any claim, demand or request to the manufacturer neither to the distributor by any of the mentioned stray and neither the manufacturer neither the distributor did not indemnify to the Customer by this type of claim.
  4. In any case, and are cuales are the circumstances, the total responsibility of the manufacturer or of the distributor by losses or damages or any another causes never will be able to exceed of the amount of the licence of use or of the price paid by the customer.

Neither the manufacturer, neither the distributor, have any responsibility by any defect related with external factors. Neither they will have responsibility any in the supposition of failures or fault of service of the servers of the platform Reskyt, or by fault of service of providers of internet.

Any stipulation of this agreement means responsibility for the manufacturer in relation with the operations and services loaned by the Distributor to his final customers or with any cost made by the Distributor or his final customers for the utilisation of the platform object of the present agreement. The Distributor is the only responsible to resolve any claim presented with regard to the services that make directly to his final customers.

  1. Neither the Manufacturer neither the Distributor, will be responsible of the incumplimiento or delay in the fulfillment of his obligations in relation with the present agreement, by causes out of his reasonable control. With character identificativo but no limiting can mention done such like strikes, already went legal or illegal, closing patronal, fires, floods, damages by cause of water, insurrections, acts or orders of Governments, interruptions of transport or of services of tooling, impossibility of obtaining of materials to prices and reasonable conditions, quarantines or greater strengths.
  2. The customer authorises to the manufacturer or distributor so that, at least annually, make a survey on the quality of his product and of the services loaned by the channel of distribution, well through his internal department of satisfaction of customers or of skilled companies.
  3. The Customer is the only responsible of the utilisation and conservation of the user and password of the signpost of control for the access via web to the Platform of Reskyt since they are the necessary identifiers for the access to this Platform and that allow to contrast to the Manufacturer the authentication of the access of the customer and facilitate the permission to the performances that request  from the Platform. The use of these identifiers and the communication, even to third people, produces  under the only responsibility of the Customer. Of equal form, the Customer will hold responsible of the actions and applications that the users authorised, to which had awarded the necessary permissions, could make through the Platform.
  4. The Distributor has to give support to his customer. If it earned thus, it will be an entirely extraneous service to the manufacturer and to the clausulas established in the present agreement.

9.- The Manufacturer, to improve the uses of the platform will be able to of periodic form update it. These technical stops will not consider  in any moment like a bad operation of the platform neither will give right to compensation any.



The present agreement of use of the platform will consider  resolved by the following causes:

  1. By the non-payment of the annual quotas
  2. For including contents of illicit character, criminal, racist, xenophobe, that result of apologia of the terrorism or rape of human rights, difamatoria, pornográfica, constitutive of deception or swindle to his addressees or that of any way infrinja laws or applicable rules or result atentatorios against rights of the property of the Manufacturer, the distributor or third.
  3. The manufacturer will be able to resolve the present agreement by causes no imputable to the same like greater strength, withdrawal of the product by third, etc.
  4. The manufacturer will be able to resolve the present agreement for considering that the platform Reskyt is obsolete and that the high of said existent product in a moment determined are not sufficient to keep the necessary economic structure to give service to the mentioned platform. For this will have to notify it to the another splits with an antelación minimum of six months to the resolution of the agreement.
  5. The resolution of the agreement by any one of his possible forms will not give place to compensation any by any of the parts.



On the other hand, it is necessary that in the web page put  to disposal of the consumers a form of desistimiento so that these can take it like example when they exert his right to desist of the agreement, that is to say, when they cancel the purchase of a product or the contracting of a service hired by means of the web page.


IMPORTANT: if you do not include this in your web, will be able to ask you the return of the product or service during a year.



The manufacturer will not remain linked by the commitments, promises or acts made by the Distributor or personnel of the same, to his customers, neither by erroneous expectations of his final users regarding the functionality of the use of the platform Reskyt.

The customer renounces to demand to the manufacturer or to the distributor compensation any by any one damages derived of the stray of the investment made or of the present profits or futures like consequence of the termination of the present agreement.

The manufacturer and the distributor will not have responsibility some in front of the Customer neither in front of the Public Administration or any another entity, even police, on the contents that incorporate  in the platform Reskyt by part of the users of the customer.

In the Platform the Users can find diverse links (“links”) that drove him to independent web pages of this. His only purpose will be the one to facilitate the access to other sources of information in Internet related with the services offered or of general character. His insertion in this Platform is inspired by the respect of the intellectual property rights and industrial that, in his case, can correspond to his authors and legitimate headlines. The Manufacturer engages  to delete all fraudulent performance communicated fehacientemente, but for belonging to third parts can not exert control on them and, therefore, can not assume responsibilities by the content that can appear in pages of third.



The platform uses an analyser of traffic that employs small programs designated and known like “cookies” that give us to know some information on the use of our Place:

We can collect information on his computer, included, in his case, his direction of IP, operating system and type of browser. It treats  of statistical data on how sail by our Platform. The cookies contain information that transfers  to the hard disk of his computer.

The cookies help us to improve our Platform and to loan a better and more personalised service. In concrete, allow us:

Do an estimate on numbers and patterns of use.

Store information about the preferences and customise our Platform of compliance with the individual interests of the visitor.

Accelerate the researches.

Renonocer To the visitor when it returns again to our Platform.

This Platform uses Google Analytics, an analytical service of web loaned by Google, Inc., a company of Delaware whose main office is in 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View (California), CA 94043, United States (“Google”).

Google Analytics uses “cookies”, that are archives of text situated in his computer, to help to the website to analyse the use that do the users of the website.

The information that generates the cookie about his use of the website (including his direction IP) will be directly transmitted and filed by Google in the servers of United States. Google will use this information by ours account with the purpose to follow the track of the use of the Platform, recopilando reports of the activity of the Platform and loaning other services related with the activity of the website and the use of Internet.

Google will be able to transmit said information to third when like this it require it to him the legislation, or when said third process the information by account of Google. Google will not associate his direction IP with any another data of the that have Google.

It can the user refuse the treatment of the data or the information refusing the use of cookies by means of the selection of the appropriate configuration of his browser, however, the user has to know that if it does it can be that it can not use the full funcionabilidad of this Platform. When using this Platform the user consents the treatment of information of the same in the form and for the up indicated ends.

To these effects, informs  that Google Inc. has the consideration of “safe port” regarding the rule of personal data protection.

The User gives his previous consent, except indication in contrary, to the use of “cookies”. The User authorises also the follow-ups of his IP during the navigation in the Platform

The user can deny to accept cookies activating the configuration in his browser that allows to refuse the cookies. Nevertheless, if the user selects this configuration, perhaps can not access to determinate parts of the Platform or can not take advantage of of any of our services. Unless it have adjusted the configuration of his browser so that it refuse cookies, our system will produce cookies when it connect  to our Platform.

Following the European guidelines of the rule of data protection that can see affected by the use of cookies, inform that the distinct browsers of Internet have tools of configuration so that the User, if it wishes it, can desactivar and/or delete these cookies or activate in his browser the way of private navigation.

Like additional information to the User, contribute where can find the configuration of the main browsers for his wished treatment of cookies.

Inside the title Firefox situated in the upper bar, go in in Preferences and select the section of “Privacy”. Here we find the options that the browser facilitates us for the management of our privacy.

Inside the title Chrome situated in the upper bar, go in in Preferences and select the section “Advanced”, inside this section find the option of privacy. Gone in in privacy will find the options of configuration for the cookies.

Inside the title Safari situated in the upper bar, go in in Preferences and select the section of “Security”, in this section will find the options for the configuration of the acceptance of “cookies”

Inside the explorer have to head to us the option of “tools”, once there, will find the “options of Internet” and in this same have to head to the eyelash of “Privacy”, here will be able to configure the degree of privacy that wish in our navigation by Internet.

These specifications of the browsers can change with the step of the time, by what these configurations can modify periodically, without that this fact modify for nothing the indicated.



Organic law 15/1999, of 13 December

The Regulation that develops it, Royal decree 1720/2007, of 21 December.

European regulation of Data protection, (EU) 2016/679, of 27 April 2016.

Law 34/2002, LSSICE

Legislative royal decree 1/2007, of 16 November, by which approves  the text refundido of the General Law for the Defence of the Consumers and Users



This page and his components offer  only with informative ends.

RESKYT ON-LINE SL, headline of this page does not do  responsible of the accuracy, utility or availability of any information that transmit  or put to disposal through the same; it will not be responsible by any error or omission in said information.

The users of this page that give his personal data, with the acceptance of the consent informed renounce to any compensation that by the legal use of these data could correspond them, not being able to exert any legal claim for that.  To want to have it, do not have to yield his data in this website.



The User recognises and accepts that all the rights of patent rights and intellectual on the contents and any one other elements inserted in the Website belong to RESKYT ON-LINE SL.  

The whole of the content of the website, including to title enunciativo but no limiting his programming, edition, compilation and other necessary elements for his operation, the designs, logos, text and/or charts, images, graphic or artistic material present in the web, are property of the prestador or in his case has of licence or permission expresses by part of the authors.

All the contents of the website are protected by rights of patent rights and intellectual, inscribed in the corresponding public registers under the titularity of RESKYT ON-LINE SL or of third, without that they can understand yielded to the User any of the rights of exploitation on the same further of the strictly necessary for the correct use of the Portal.

It authorises  to any physical or juridical person the establishment in his pages or websites of links to the web, so much to his main page as to any one of his pages. Nevertheless, they forbid  on purpose the links to any one of the pages of the website that involve the viewing of the same in the browser by means of frames or frames.

All the contents that show  in this web, are subject and protected by the intellectual property rights and industrial.

The page and his original content, the characteristics and the functionality are property of RESKYT ON-LINE SL and are protected by rights of author of international character, marks registered, patents, commercial secrets and other laws of copyright or of rights of property.



In accordance with the valid rule in matter of data protection, as well as in matter of services of the society of the information and of e-commerce, the User accepts that the personal data contributed in the moment of his register or any another facilitated to RESKYT ON-LINE SL, for his access to some of the services are incorporated to the file of customers, potential and contacts of RESKYT ON-LINE SL, with the purpose to collect the necessary data to give answer to the applications of information, contact, contracting and/or of budget, management of customers, turnover, collections and payments, obtaining of statistics and historical commercial.

Also for the fulfillment of the fiscal and legal obligations derived of the provision of his services and products.

Besides, they will be used to do him arrive information, even by electronic means (email SMS, etc.) on products and services related with the hired or requested.  In the case of commercial communications by means of mobile, email or half equivalent, the user loans his consent express for the sending of communications through said half.

Our company has implanted the measures of technical and organisational type necessary to guarantee the security, confidentiality and integrity of the data of personal character that treats.

Finally we inform you that you can exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation, opposition and portability and forget in RESKYT ON-LINE SL, by means of free post envoy to  and under the planned terms in the Organic Law 15/99 and normative of development and by the clear-cut procedures to the effect by this company.



In fulfillment with the specific rule of the Group of Work 29, in relation to our activity like developers of applications APP fulfil specifically each one of these sections in relation with the data of which have given us the consent informed:

  • We know and we fulfil our obligations like managers of the treatment of data when we process data from users and on them.
  • We know and we fulfil our obligations like managers of the treatment of the data when we make agreements with attendants of treatments of data, as well as when externalizamos the collected and the treatment of personal data to developers, programmers and providers of storage in cloud. At present our providers are Amazon like Cloud, Google Analitics and Mailchimp.
  • We request the consent before the applications begin to collect information of the device or show his content. Said consent is free, specific and informed.
  • We are conscious that the consent does not legitimate the treatment of excessive or disproportionate data. Only we collect data authorised by the user. Our customer can create forms of application of data, collecting other types of information that will be deposited in our servers. On our part we have the responsibility of his correct storage like service cloud and of not using this information. It is responsibility of our customer the utilisation of these data.
  • We inform on the ends of the treatment of data, that are very clear-cut and are comprehensible, before installing the application, and do not change these ends without renewing the permission. We do not use any data with advertising ends or to yield it to third people.
  • We allow to the users revoke the permission and desinstalar the application, and, in his case, suppress the data.  Any user can  desinstalar the APP when it wish. Also it can revoke the permission of reception of notifications, of location and of access to the gallery of images.
  • We respect the principle of minimisation of data and collect only the strictly necessary data to make the function wished. Our company only collects in his BBDD information authorised or entered by the customer in the supposition of forms.
  • We take the technical and organisational measures necessary to guarantee the protection of the personal data that treat, in all the phases of the design and the put in practice of the application, that is to say, the privacy from the design. The company Reskyt On-line is the manager to guarantee the protection of the BBDD and the manager of the custody of the data is Eric Corbella Salvia.
  • Our customers offer an only point of contact to the users of the application.
  • We provide a readable privacy policy, comprehensible and easily accessible, that informs to the consumers, like minimum, on: who are, detailing the identity and data of contact, which precise categories of personal data recopilaremos and will treat in the application, why is necessary the treatment of data, for which precise aims, if the data will communicate  to third, giving no a mere generic description, but a concrete description of to who will communicate  the data, what right have the users to withdraw the consent and suppress the data.
  • We allow to the users of applications exert his rights of access, rectification, suppression, portability, opposition and forget to the treatment of the data, and inform you of the existence of said mechanisms.

The users can revoke the permissions of reception of notifications, of location and of access to the gallery of images. Any user can desinstalarse the App anytime. The operating systems of the smartphones are the attendants to manage this operative.

  • Have defined a reasonable period of conservation of the data collected with the application and fixed previously a period of inactivity after which the account will consider  expired.

The caducity of the conservation of the information comes derived of the life of the smartphone or the uninstallation of the App. When it sends  a notification to an App that has been desinstalada, automatically erases  of the BBDD the data authorised by the customer in his day.

  • At present we do not have any App with destined application to the minors of age. When it publishes  an App for a customer, the markets make a questionnaire to determine the minimum age for the download and utilisation of the App

Like platform of applications fulfil the following requirements:

  • We know and we fulfil our obligations like managers of the treatment of data when we process data from users and on them.
  • We fulfil with the obligation of the developers of applications to inform, including the types of data to that the application can access and with which ends, and if the data exchange  with third.
  • We inform in detail on the controls that make of the applications of the application, situations of data protection and of the privacy.



Our services and products are for greater of 18 years. The minors of this age are not authorised to use our services and will not have to, therefore, send us his personal data.


Politics of links of our web: responsibility

The prestador exempts  of any type of derivative responsibility of the information published in his website, whenever this information have been manipulated or entered by a third extraneous to the same.

The service of access to the Portal includes links or links that can drive to the user to other places and web pages managed by third, on which RESKYT ON-LINE SL does not exert any type of control. In these cases, RESKYT ON-LINE SL acts like prestador of services of intermediation of compliance with the had in the article 17 of the LSSICE. RESKYT ON-LINE SL does not answer neither of the contents neither of the state of said places and web pages.

The prestador does not do  responsible of the information and contents stored, to title enunciativo but no limiting, in forums, chats, generators of blogs, comments, social networks or any another half that allow to third publish contents of independent form in the web page of the prestador.

Nevertheless and in fulfillment of the had in the art. 11 and 16 of the LSSICE, the prestador puts  to disposal of all the users, authorities and security forces, and collaborating of active form in the withdrawal or in his case block of all those contents that could affect or contravene the national legislation, or international, rights of third or the morals and the public order.


We do not want that they link us to other pages, remaining forbidden deep-links, links IMG or of image, frames, that can do understand to the user that are in another web that is not ours.

The User has to be conscious that ours company is not responsible of the practices of privacy of those other webs.

We recommend to the users that are conscious that when using one of these links are abandoning our web and that read the privacy policies of those other webs that collect personal data.

The present privacy policy only applies  to the personal data collected through this web.



We can cancel your access to the page, without cause or warning, which will be able to result in the incautación and destruction of all the information that was associated with his account. All the disposals of this agreement that, by his nature, have to survive to the cancellation will survive to her, including without limitation, the disposals of property, renunciations of guarantee, compensation and limitations of responsibility.



The company reserves  the right to modify these conditions when it consider it timely; likewise, the permanent use of the page will mean his acceptance of any adjust to such terms. If there is some change in our privacy policy, will announce in our main page and in other important pages of our place that have done  such changes. If there is some change in our page with regard to the way in that we use the information of personal identification of our customers, will send a notification by email or postal post to those that are affected by the change. All change in our privacy policy will publish  in our page 30 days before such changes occur. Therefore, it recommends him  go back to read this statement of regular way.


The code of behaviour of is the derivative of the correct application of the existent laws, as well as of the application of the same from the common sense.

With renunciation of his own fueros, the people that hire through the web subject  on purpose to the Courts and Courts of Lleida.

The present agreement formalises  in Spanish tongue.

The general conditions to which is subjected this agreement find  in the web