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Power Walking: When walking becomes your training


Running is fashionable: this is an undeniable truth. Every day we see the parks and streets full of runners making series, jogging, changes of pace, fartlek ... But what about people who do not like running? Or you can not run? Because they also take to the streets today we present a new trend: the Power Walking.

Power Walking can be a great alternative for both the people who can not or do not want to run, for the runners on their days off assets. Walking can become your workout, and it is not as simple as it seems ... We explain what we leave and a full session so download.

What is Power Walking?

The Smart Power Walking and Walking is based on walking. That's it?

Obviously not: a good session of Power Walking into play many factors such as rate hike so far, our posture and breathing, changes of pace and work intervals, etc.

The fact is that we all walk in our day to day, but we all know not to walk properly: posture, footprint or the activation of the abdomen are important concepts to keep in mind when shooting walking.

As a session of Power Walking?

Generally, a training session of Power Walking lasts between 45 and 60 minutes during which we will not stop walking. As in other sports such as race or spinning, we can design different kinds of sessions with progressive speed and rhythm changes.

In this link you can download a special session of one hour for the presentation of Power Walking event Reebok #FitForLife. It is a very quick session to keep always beats the fat burning zone, and work intervals in anaerobic zone. Only you download to your phone or MP3, please helmets and stepping to the beat of bass music.

The distance to be covered in this session is approximately five kilometers and a half with an average pace of 9:15 min / km and caloric expenditure of around 400 calories. As you see, is a negligible rate: not exactly a quiet stroll.

Concepts to Consider Power Walking: posture

Correcting posture is very important in all sports, and more in some like running or power walking. The three basic to consider are: shoulders back and down, back and chest up. As a bonus, try to always keep your abdomen activated to protect the lower back.

It is important to be aware of the position that we always: always bring sight to the front, about two meters from us, to avoid arching the neck area, shoulders or out of the ears are gestures that we have corrected while walking , and gradually incorporating finish correctly.

The benefits of Power Walking

What benefits do we get from the practice of Power Walking? First, it is an activity that can make everyone regardless of age or physical condition and sport. It is fully customizable based on each individual.

Walking is very easy to keep us in our fat burning zone, which is between 65 and 75% of our maximum heart rate: when we run, we are usually quite beats hands working more to the anaerobic zone. If you also include changes of pace, as we have prepared in the session, we will take a complete workout that will bring benefits to our cardiovascular and respiratory system.

In addition, of course, especially toning the muscles of the lower limbs and our core or central. Gemini, buttocks and abdomen bear most of the work in this training.

As I say, great to start the running for the people who do not like running, or rest day of active runners.

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