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The importance of stretching muscles.

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The importance of stretching muscles.

Before and after practicing any sport that requires considerable effort is needed to make a stretching of muscles. If an athlete does not do stretching before training, sports performance should be lower because a muscle at rest is not prepared to respond appropriately before a physical requirement. Among other benefits, to perform stretching relaxes muscle tension, will prevent possible injuries, improves blood flow and prevents the muscles tire prematurely.

How to stretch?

There are many different types of stretching prior to exercise, but we have chosen some that require balance. Why? When balance is increased neuromuscular activity because the muscles activated by external stimuli. This is not to just work the joints. Some good exercises could be crossed one leg over the other and gently flex the foot support to work the glutes, lift one knee and bring it towards the chest while keeping the support leg straight, move back and leg hold the instep of the foot while stretching the other arm to keep the balance, or try to make a horizontal stretching one arm forward and one leg back, while maintaining straight foot support.

After exercise

When you have finished the sport is appropriate character stretching to relax the muscle recovery. Such exercises provide blood supply to our body and improve muscle recovery. However, stretching should be smooth because the body is tired after sports activity and intense session could cause muscle tension even delay recovery. A trellis can be a great help to do stretches that loosen muscles and stimulate blood flow. Put back in the trellis, hold it up and stretching his arms hang dropping body weight is a good exercise that will relieve muscle tension. Perform a squat suspension stretching his arms up to catch either the trellis is another exercise that will free soft mobility load on the spine.

Article taken from page Mundi