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The sun is good, but its true



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Sports on sunny days provides us with vitamin D, makes us feel good and have extra energy to face the summer days. But keep in mind that there are risks to our health if we do not protect from UV rays.
What is the way to do it? There are several. Blog MUNDSOCKS up the show.

"Playing sport on hot days is beneficial for the body and provides extra energy to the athlete for the rest of the day. This is demonstrated, but it is also true that if practiced alone should exercise always do extreme caution.'s not forget that the direct impact of the sun in some parts of our body can cause disorders, especially if the sun is very powerful. therefore we will make some recommendations.

Beware of ultraviolet rays

It is well known that ultraviolet rays are harmful to the skin and can cause cancer. Some studies have shown that athletes who are more exposed to the sun, such as the marathon runners have a higher risk of developing the disease. In turn, ultraviolet rays cause the skin to be more vulnerable to blistering and scratches and costing more to heal and recover.

Protect yourself

If you practice sport in a sunny day recommendation is essential that you use sunscreen. It is estimated that the protector 30 reduce to 97% ultraviolet radiation. A hat with a visor and good sunglasses also prevent UVA punish your head and your eyes; Also, there are shirts with sun protection that prevent UVA affect your torso. Finally, there are foods that strengthen and prevent possible skin burns; Some examples include green tea, spices and tomatoes. "