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Friday 17 April 2015

CATALAN AND BASQUE COUNTRY ignore the new policy radar DGT

DGT in February announced major changes in its political radar. The new focus on their location (DGT will announce the possible location of mobile radars, most roads secundàries- on their website) and margins of error. In this sense, now apply the so-called tolerance 7, which can be fine when a vehicle exceeds 7 km / h the limits, if they are less than 100 km / h. When the limit is higher, it will be fine in the vehicle exceeding the speed limit by 7%.

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Well, have transferred the responsibility for traffic, Catalonia and the Basque Country can choose their habits and management, this time, it appears that the two communities have decided to ignore the new political radar.

Catalonia will not apply the new margins

In Catalonia, the 'alter ego' of the DGT -the Catalan Trànsit- Service has announced that it will modify its margins when sanctioned for speeding because it indicates that the margins are higher and the Multi its radars only when the limit is exceeded by 10%.
In addition, as reported the Catalan Traffic Service describes as "commitment to the gallery" ad will be visible all the radars and announced. Ensures that have no problem to say where their, but that seems a "discrepancy" ensure that the list will be published after sanctioning the use of radar detectors. Moreover, from Catalonia advocate transparency but considered unfeasible mark the location of mobile speed cameras and much less of capturing images from the air (and that from April, Catalonia has its own radar Pegasus).

Basque Country will maintain its policy

The Basque Country, meanwhile, manage traffic through the Directorate of Traffic Safety Department of the Basque Government, the agency said in the journal 'Interested' do not intend to make any changes in their political radar "at all times, have adopted measures that we consider most appropriate and will continue studying any measure that might have the goal of reducing the number of traffic accidents, and thus the decrease the number of people killed and injured on the road, but now there are no plans to change. "

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