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Starter and multifunction charger

Mini Jump Starters

The new mini jump starter starters are smaller portable battery market, approximately the size of a mobile phone but as powerful as a starter battery for the car!

Mini starter battery
A mini starters battery do the same function as a booster but in a much smaller size. With mini portable battery starters can start all kinds of vehicles, boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles or ATV.

They also allow upload any electronic device (mobile phone, ipad, camera, laptop, ...) to bring more integrated LED flashlight with three functions.

The main characteristics of mini starters are:

- Starters Battery car starter battery, starter battery for motorcycle starter battery for boat, jet ski starter battery, starter battery quad ...
- Charger electronic devices: mini starter battery charger incorporates a multifunctional also makes it an iPhone charger, charger for Samsung, iPhone charger, camera charger, laptop charger, charger for psp.
- The battery portable mini starters also incorporate LED flashlight with three functions.

Mini portable battery charger and starter

The minijump starters or mini battery starters have different powers.
The most powerful of all is the model 600A with a power of 15,000 mAh similar to a starter booster type.

All models of mini starters can boot any diesel and gasoline and incorporate an LED flashlight with three functions

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Car charger and starter
Starts vehicles up to 4000 cc
Power Capacity: 15000 mAh
Voltage output clamps: 12V - 300 amp.
Output voltage: 12V - 12 amp
Output voltage: 19V - 3.5 amp
USB Output voltage: 5V - 4 amp
Full charging time: 5 hours
Port of loading: 14v - 1 amp
Maximum current: 600 amp (pic)
Operating temperature: -20 ° to 60 °
Protection against short circuit, overload and discharge

Dimensions and weight

165 x 80 x 38 mm
476 grams approx.
149,00 €