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Thursday, 18 September 2014

The inability to test the use of radar detector prevents Ertzaintza fine the offender

On 23 August, the newspaper El Correo published a story in which the media reported that the lack of the Basque autonomous police to test the use of radar detectors prevents lenient guarantees drivers who have installed this devices in the car. The problem for the Ertzaintza is that the new traffic law passed in May that the government is prohibited speaking literally "use" these devices, but does not sanction their possession.

"It is extremely difficult to prove that a driver has used radar detector if you do not have the technology, we have not" recognize a ertzaina unit Traffic interviewed by The Courier.

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The Security Department of the Basque Government maintains, however, that, despite not having the necessary machines, the police could detect its use through the "driving behavior" and a subsequent vehicle registration. However, according to the Mail published, ertzaina unit Traffic are doubts about the arguments defended by the government and insist that these fines would not have a sufficiently "strong" as if they were grounded in the data that provides technology . "A resource options would prosper," said the sources. In addition, the information published by the Basque newspaper notes that traffic officers have reported the Basque police that "in general, can not fine drivers who will discover one of these devices if there is clear evidence that have been used. "

Article published in the 12 volts 18/09/2014