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Radar detector

Radar warning set formed by the Shadow 6 antenna and the Stealth by Linx II warning device.
It detects the traditional radars, which emit in Band Ka and the new Multaradar C radar, which emit in Band K by pressing.

Price installed on the vehicle.

New radar detecting antenna, which operates both in Band Ka and in the new Multaradar C radar, which emit K band pulsing.

Double polarization receiver. Digital filtering and self-calibration, which allows it to perform to the maximum, in all conditions, temperature, etc., totally digital, which allows it to reject false alarms produced by other devices, such as automatic doors, active safety systems in vehicles , etc.

The operation of the Shadow 5-6 antennas is totally digital. It has been designed and manufactured, with option for future updates.
Always optimize the reception of the waves, regardless of whether they are vertical or horizontal.

Fixed radar locator, possible mobile radars, controlled speed sections, camera traffic lights, cameras, etc.
Built-in GPS antenna of high sensitivity, operative even in vehicles with plated glass.
Other functions: total driving time, partial odometer, total odometer, average speed, maximum speed, altitude, coordinates, course, speed limit, etc.
Elegant design and easy to use.
High quality database with constant and simple updates.
Compatibility with Shadow® and Stealth® antennas detectors
Connection-disconnection of antenna according to speed.

GPS positioner.
Free upgrades.
Includes radar database in Europe.
Audio output for possible external connection.
1.970,00 €