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Radar detector


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Stinger VIP marks a turning point in the sector, introducing state-of-the-art advanced technology, such as its high definition HD antenna. It is currently the most advanced in the market with a difference, with high precision in the protection against speed controls.

If the old "Stinger" Standard "Antena SA" was already highlighted for its precision, the new Multi Polarity HD Antenna HD model surprised by the accuracy when performing the measurement, with an accuracy of 0 , 0001 GHz.


We have designed something called 'Dynamic Sensitivity'. This adds extra sensitivity when the user needs it, with speed controls difficult to detect. On the other hand, VIP 3.0 also provides new call alerts called Short Powder, Quick Trigger or POP Radar Guns, as used in some parts of Europe and the USA


With the new Stinger VIP 3.0 system, you can enjoy the new screen experience with target location, not having to ask again where exactly the speed control is.
The display shows the exact point from where the signal is sent - if it comes in front, on the side, or on the back - (requires HD antennas before and behind the car). Also from where the laser signal is sent - if you shoot from front or from behind - (it requires front and rear laser in your vehicle), or where the nearest radar is alerted by the Spotlist.


In all places where the use of radar detectors is allowed, Stinger is ready to locate police radars. Thanks to its intelligent and military technology developed by HD antennas, we can offer an incredible degree of precision and sensitivity when it comes to finding signals, unique in the market.


Based on GPS signal, your Stinger has the option of warning of the existing fixed radars. It is also essential to detect and warn of the fixed radar systems for the tread on the pavement of the road. The updated database for fixed speed radar locations (Stinger Spotlist) can only be incorporated into your Stinger system through the Stinger Desktop application for Mac / PC, downloadable from the official Stinger website. Of course, you can add / remove locations in your Spotlist with just a click of a button.


In many countries, the police use automated measuring systems to calculate their average speed at a fixed distance, generally called "Tram Radar", "Tram with medium speed control" or "SPECS".
During the control stretches, many drivers do not stop looking at the odometer trying to control their speed without really knowing what their average speed is, or just start driving dangerously slow in fear of receiving a fine for speeding.

That's why Stinger has developed the "Tram Radar Warning", not only will he warn him when he approaches and leaves the section, but also Stinger will be protecting him at all times, continuously showing the average speed within the radar section If at any time the average exceeds the established speed limit, Stinger will notify you through audio signals and visual signals. The graphic displays of the Stinger DSI and the Stinger VIP will represent a "happy face" (good) or a "sad face" (too fast), the state of its average speed within the section.

In addition, it will always show you the exact point in the control section, and the remaining distance until the end of the Control Section.


Stinger's Laser HD (High definition) system is really sensitive. So much so, that the Laser Stinger is able to capture the signal emitted from a vehicle that is right in front of him. In addition, the new Stinger lasers incorporate a great novelty: they are able to recognize and indicate the type of laser gun used by the police.


If you want, Stinger can also implement an invisible shield of light when your car is being shot by a laser gun. As a result, the measurement of speed will be delayed for a few seconds, and after a few seconds, the shield will be automatically removed.
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