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New situation detectors and radar warning devices

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Change the legality of radar detectors

On April 8 was published in the Official Gazette Reform Act of Traffic and Road Safety approved by the Congress on 20 April. The new regulations come into force on 8 May.

"It is prohibited to install or bring in vehicles or cinemòmetres radar inhibitors or other instruments designed to circumvent or interfere with the proper working of traffic monitoring systems, as well as broadcast or signals for this purpose. Also, prohibits use of radar detection mechanisms or cinemòmetres. Excluded from this prohibition warning mechanisms that inform the position of the traffic surveillance systems. " This is the modification of the Traffic Act (included in Section 6 of Article 11) concerning the new legal status of radar detectors.

The penalty will apply to use these devices is 200 euro fine ($ 100 payment) and removal of the card 3 points. It is a lesser sanction in relation to which the DGT proposed in the first draft of the reform of the Traffic Act that was leaked to the press in February 2013. This draft sanctions were indicated for conductor 6,000 euro fine, withdrawal of the license and 6 points between 3,000 and 30,000 euros fine for the installation company. Despite the reduction of the penalty from 12 Volts show our rejection of the sanctions approved, based on studies that show that the use of radar detector reduces up to 24% of accidents, as these devices can reduce driver distraction to release tension be aware of the possible presence of a radar. That is, the detector helps keep an eye only on the road, reducing distractions, this being the main cause of accidents (well above speeding), according to their own data DGT shows annually.

Note also that the new text sanctions the use of radar detectors, but the presence of these devices that incorporate this application the car. The identification of a radar in a way by the drivers can do today through various technologies. Many of them, based on GPS positioning, were incorporated as smartphone applications, browsers, and other devices. It makes sense to prohibit use of these devices in the car? It makes sense to prohibit a warning system and not another? It makes no sense. It makes no sense to ban any of these systems. In the same way that it is forbidden to talk to the phone while driving and sanctions brought inside, it makes no sense to sanction the use of a device that among other applications serve to warn of the presence of radars .

The society is outraged by the abuse of disciplinary radars, and this is the same company that makes use of applications that you avoid becoming a victim of this tax collection effort. The powers of the state should insist on the awareness of drivers, rather than banning pure, especially if a ban is not based on a prior serious and rigorous study that demonstrates the benefits of it. And it is not because AEICAM has shown just the opposite, that the use of devices that warn radar sanctioning allows a more relaxed and safe.

A high percentage of revenue attributable to speeding fines due to slightly exceed those limits. Thousands and thousands of fines 50 € or 100 € that the state does not want to miss, however, wants to increase with the installation of more radars on public roads.

If the majority of fatal accidents are caused by distractions behind the wheel, why the hell this new law, which must ensure the safety of all, does not include measures in this regard? Why not just make use of technology to avoid such distractions? 12 volts and AEICAM in high-level meetings, has always been willing to partner in this regard. Our industry could contribute to avoid some of these distractions, the placement of beacons in ways that communicate with the car to warn of blackheads, emergency devices that prevent drowsiness, warnings state of the road dangerous ice, water, etc ....

To avoid penalties and accidents, our advice is clear: adapt the recommended speed limits, relaxed driving and avoid distractions.

Magazine 12 volts Friday, March 21, 2014


The plenary session of Congress approved March 20, the 18 law reform traffic and road safety regulations come into force one month after appearing in the Official Gazette, the publication is scheduled to occur during the last week of March. One of the novelties of the new text is sanctioning the use of radar detectors. Its use will be penalized with 3 points and a fine of 200 euros (100 surcharge). According to the approved text, having a detector installed in the car does not mean being punished, the punishment can be run only if it is shown that the device has been used.

The sanction finally approved is much lower in the initially proposed a year ago in the initial draft of the DGT. This cleared the use of radar detector was sanctioned with the deduction of 6 points card, a fine of 6,000 euros per user and between 3,000 and 30,000 euros fine for the installation company. This remarkable reduction in sanctioning the use of detectors has been driven largely by the negotiations conducted in the last year the Spanish Association of Car Audio Installers and Multimedia (AEICAM) with high DGT directors of the Road Safety Commission and the main political parties involved (mainly PP and CiU) ..

Distractions main cause of accidents

AEICAM always argued with the official data of the DGT itself, which is more dangerous and cause more accidents driving distraction talking with mobile speeding, since according to their own data from the DGT the main cause of accidents are driver distraction. However, the profit motive and the need for government revenue, leads to political power equal to sanction the use of the detector with the use of mobile phones while driving.
Contrary to what may seem detector users have fewer accidents than the rest. These data based on the MORI report, were transferred to the DGT, data, moreover, that the time already gave samples of knowing.