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Vibration Platform


Get fit with the newest and most revolutionary and fill your home with good vibrations !!

The proforma Wellness Platform is a revolutionary machine that allows anyone, regardless of age and physical condition a complete workout at home. So far the vibration platforms were only available on specialized sports centers were used by sports professionals, but with proforma gets Wellness bring this modern and efficient system of fitness in the domestic

Achieved an improvement in the body in much less time than conventional training through vibration technology.

Developed by PROFORM, this new technology will facilitate the exercise by making it simple, fast and efficient thanks to the variety of programs and intensities available to, allowing improved effectively, safely and easily as much force as flexibility, activate metabolism, improve circulation, reduce pain, reduce cellulite and increase bone density.

Only need to use vibrating platform proforma Wellness during 10 to 15 minutes a day, three times a week to get the levels of health, fitness and performance looks, aided and advised by a full manual operation and exercises included.

Technical Platform proforma Wellness

· Frequency 20 to 50 Hz
· 4 programs + manual with seven different times for each
· Time duration of each exercise 30 "to 120"
· Engine 250 watts
· Elastic included
· Pad included
· Resistant: Used for users up to 130 kg.
· Dimensions: 50 x 35 x 125 cm
399,00 €