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Esquis all-mountain back-side with fixations

High yield in soft and hard snow
Based on a 3D wooden core inverted with Flax carbon and power transmission platform. Top contact between the ski and the snow on the track and off the track, which ensures a great performance in compact snow driving.

The Woodcore Core Ensures Great Stability Like a good bounce and
contact with the snow.

Fast and agile
Floating in soft snow, handling and maneuverability. Precise for maximum speed and agility.

Fixing option
Warden MNC 13 S
Warden 11

Construction and core
Spaceframe 3.0 AMB
Semi sandwich
Wooden core

All-Terrain Rocker 2.0
Carving area

Basalt layers

Total reinforcement of edges

Specific characteristics
Free Hook Form of Hook
Semi symmetrical tail
Power transfer Platform
Koroyd spatula

Weight for skiing: 1600 g @ 177
559,99 €