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Paddle shovel

Xt Zephyr graphite head, power shovel and great design. It is a female shovel to hit the ball hard. It is also a shovel with an elegant and beautiful design.

Player type
It is an ideal shovel for attack game players. Playful aggressive players who enjoy banging hard on the ball. It is also a shovel that has very good control.

Technical characteristics
It has been manufactured in round shape, has a profile of 38 millimeters. Its weight is 345 grams. It is a shovel of low weight that we will be able to move with great ease.

For its manufacture Xt graphene has been used in the frame, fiberglass on the faces. Gum of Foam in the core.

To ensure maximum comfort, it is a shovel that has silicone pieces that greatly absorb the vibrations that occur when the ball is hit.
159,95 €