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Paddle shovel

This HEAD PULSE_N2 is a model carefully and carefully manufactured to offer the best experience to paddle players who want more power in their game.

We recommend it to grip players, as it is a diamond-shaped model that will give us a better half-track performance upwards. If we are an advanced player we will adapt to it from the first moment.

The HEAD PULSE_N2 is a paddle shovel that has high quality materials.

We emphasize its diamond shape, with which we will have a high balance and we will get a lot of power in our blows. In addition its profile of 38 millimeters provides us with a rigid and stable frame.

It is a paddle shovel made of carbon fiber and fiberglass, two high quality materials that make it a precious model.

The carbon is resistant and the elastic and lightweight fiberglass, a perfect combination.

At the core we have a new rubber head, the N2 Goma with great ball exit.

The HEAD PULSE_N2 is very beautiful, so it will please all players, it has a blue and orange look that gives color to the logo.

We will highlight if we have an aggressive style of play, since its diamond format helps us achieve a better balance and when we close, we will take more impulse and speed of the shovel.
159,90 €