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Table tennis by outside

Its folding system CTT allows three positions: game, fronton and fold that facilitates the storage in spaces quite reduced.
The layered resin panel has been reinforced with a metal band that protects it and gives it greater rigidity, viscosity and resistance to any season of the year.
This Ping Pong table complies with the ITTF regulatory measures.

* Security system
* Folding lever and unfolded
* ITTF regulatory measures (2740x1525x760mm)
* According to European standard EN-14468-1
* 2 years warranty

Safer tables, always with the maximum safety and robustness that characterizes the ENEBE tables

- Usage: Exterior
- Board: 4 mm Melamine resin
- Volto: 36mm Metallic Profile
- Type Potes: Round
- External Feet: Ø 25 mm Metallic
- Central Legs: No
- Adjustable Feet: No
- Armor: 25x25 Metallic
- Braces: Ø 16mm & 12mm Metal
- Network: Yes, Nylon
- Support Network: Yes, Cash
- Container Shovels: Yes, holder and piles
- Balloon Container: Yes, holder and piles
- System: CTT (Compact Folding System)
- Security Regulations EN-14468-1: Yes
- SF1 (Easy Opening): No
- SCS (Stabilizing Bar): No
- Table measurements: 274 x 152.5 x 76 cm
- Measured Folding: 74 x 155.5 x 159 cm AnxAlxFo
- Measured Box: 158 x 142 x 10 cm
- Weight: 47 Kg
- Wheels: 4 PP Ø125mm

Palas and balls not included.

590,00 €