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Intelligent activity and sport watch, with a connection to the mobile phone.

Discover the new Forerunner 235.

  • Get all the necessary data for each of your Fitness activities in a comfortable and lightweight integrated GPS watch.
  • Your screen dedicated to heart rate allows you to know your heart rate and heart at a glance. The Forerunner 235 integrates Garmin Elevate ™ technology to measure your heart rate from your wrist, offering you the option to run without the traditional pulsometer.
  • The accelerometer integrated in both watches capture the distance and rhythm data when you train on tape or indoors.
  • Forerunner 230 and 235 also control your daily activity, counting your steps, calories and the distance traveled throughout the day.
  • With online functions 3 you can stay connected thanks to smart notifications, activate real-time tracking during your workouts and upload data automatically to Garmin ConnectTM, where you can analyze, plan and share your activities.
  • If you only train with headphones, Garmin Connect Mobile will also warn you of how you are doing audio messages.
  • With Connect IQ you can customize your Forerunner in your own way, adding clock screens, widgets, applications or additional data fields.

Audio3 messages
  • Get details of your workouts via audio messages through your Smartphone (time, tempo, distance ...)

Larger screen
  • A screen 44% larger but with the same dimensions as the Forerunner 220.
  • Up to 12 weeks in clock mode and 16 hours with GPS.

Garmin Elevate ™ integrated pulse meter
  • The Forerunner 235 incorporates a built-in stereo wristband developed by Garmin.
  • It has GPS + GLONASS for greater precision and speed when it comes to receiving satellite signal.
Smart notifications3
  • Link your Forerunner with your compatible Smartphone to display calls, SMS and other alerts on your favorite social networks or other applications.
Calculation of VO2 Max
  • Using the pit bandwidth Forerunner gives you maximum VO2 data, recovery time and career prognosis.
Activity monitor2
  • The Forerunner 230 and 235 add the activity monitor function to control daily steps, calories, distance and sound. The inactivity alerts warn you when you take too much time sitting.
299,99 €