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Chair massage

Enjoy a discreet and elegant traditional sofa that hides inside the latest technology in massage. Will go completely unnoticed by others, but you can finally enjoy the coveted massage center


· REGULATION OF ELECTRICITY AND BACK LEGS: Select the location where it is more comfortable. Lie down or remain seated and enjoy your well-deserved massage.

· Light legs and rested: The massage center M200 applies a vibrating massage buttocks and legs, providing a feeling of relaxation, which in turn helps improve blood circulation.

· REMOTE CONTROL intuitive: The joystick is very easy to use. Pull yourself if you want, select the area to try and abandónese a world of relaxation.

· Predefined MASSAGE: The model M200 has two preset 15 minutes (Relax and Theraphy) to help you relax back, buttocks and legs.

· MASSAGE CUSTOM: Select the part of her that wants to treat back (the whole back part or a specific point) and complement the massage if desired, activating the vibration buttocks and / or legs.

· SOFA COMFORTABLE DESIGN: After the session, you can place the massage center M200 Image in any position (vertical or lying semitumbado) for reading, watching TV, etc.

· Kneading MASSAGE: Massage relaxes circular very effective whole back, strengthening the muscles and loosening tension.

Weight and measures:

Vertical Measures:
· Height: 122cm.
· Width: 70cm.
· Length: 110cm.

Measures lying ::
· Height: 80cm.
· Width: 70cm.
· Length: 170cm.
· Weight: 50kg.


· Electric adjustment of the position of support.
· Electric adjustment of the angle of the legs.
· Automatic program that controls both the neck and the vibration massage seat and legs.
· In manual mode, lets you apply a massage located in an area or point of the back of the user's choice.
· Relaxing back massage that helps reduce stress and neural and muscular pains.
· The vibration of the seat and legs provide a pleasant feeling of relaxation at the same time help to improve blood circulation.
· Remote Control comprehensive and easy to use.
1.099,00 €