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Massage chair

The M400 prince hides the latest technology in massage under the appearance of an avant-garde design armchair

Dimensions: 135cm x 75cm x 118cm


KNEADING circular massage that effectively relaxes the entire back, strengthening muscles and relaxing tensions.

TAPPING very gentle and pleasant massage that simulates the tust along the back of agile and skilled hands, helping to increase the circulation of oxygen in the body.

DUAL-ACTION / wavelet resulting from the combination of TAPPING or FINGER TAPPING massage with kneading massage. A function that multiplies the relaxing and beneficial effect of both types of massage.

SWEDISH Swedish massage results from the pleasant combination of a gentle massage to muscle and a slight tust. Similar to dual-action / wavelet massage but less energetic.

SHIATSU simulates the finger of an expert masseuse by turning his back to his strategic acupuncture points.

Very intuitive control command
Electrical regulation of the back and legs
Legs light and rested
Predefined massages
Personalized massage
Comfortable designer sofa

2.990,00 €