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Massage center

Spinal Adjustment Massage Therapy - It incorporates optical sensors to detect the location of the shoulders and the height of the user, in order to give a 3D massage to measure.

LCD screen : In an easy and intuitive way you can select the sensation you want to enjoy at any time. From a cervical massage to an energetic massage throughout the body through a massage located on the back. Everything is possible. Choose from 8 predefined programs or manually select the type of massage and the area you want to relax ... And start floating.

Massage width & fit for the arms : approaching your body, because the system of security cushions hidden in its interior completely wrap your arms, to give massages from the tip of your fingers to the elbows. A system that acts by directing to the points where some of the main energy channels of the body are located.

Massage and vibration in thighs and buttocks : Your massage system with safety and vibration cushions eliminates the weight of thighs and buttocks, making them reach a state of complete relaxation. A world of sensations that will make you feel lighter, more agile, lighter.

Reflexotherapy system : Experience the feeling of total weightlessness. When he gets up, he will not walk; It will float. Each point of the floor of the feet has a direct correspondence with one
Organ of your body. The reflexal therapy system of the M1200 SCALA will treat your feet as you would in the hands of a masseuse expert, unloading the tension accumulated on your feet with an energetic and comforting massage.

Intelligent leg regulation : Get rid of and forget about the rest. The intelligent position regulation system of the legs will adjust the feet-massager automatically to the legs of the legs so that you can enjoy a 100% massage adapted to your anthropometric measurements.

Music : Stick around with everything that surrounds you. Connect the music player to the control center of the massage center, choose your favorite songs and enjoy the trip you will take whenever you join your massage center. You can enjoy your favorite sounds through the powerful built-in speakers, which will impeccably play the music that has been selected.
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