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Massage chair

The M650 massage center brings us the absolute feeling of wellbeing and relaxation

Dimensions: 140cm x 85cm x 110cm

Color: Black

The M650 venezia massage center contemplates the body as a set of meridians or energy channels that, activated at precise points, allow unlocking or improving the flow of energy, leading to the absolute feeling of well-being and relaxation. Features music feature.


KNEADING circular massage that effectively relaxes the entire back, strengthening muscles and relaxing tensions.

TAPPING very gentle and pleasant massage that simulates the tust along the back of agile and skilled hands, helping to increase the circulation of oxygen in the body.

DUAL-ACTION / wavelet resulting from the combination of TAPPING or FINGER TAPPING massage with kneading massage. A function that multiplies the relaxing and beneficial effect of both types of massage.

SHIATSU simulates the finger of an expert masseuse by turning his back to his strategic acupuncture points.

Musical therapy

Massage of air by arms

Therapeutic adjustment massage therapy

Massage by head and shoulders

Triple action for lumbar

HRI back examination system

Function Zero G

3.990,00 €