Andalusians and Catalans Ateneos mentioning this Saturday to fraternize culturally and combat prejudice


The Catalans and Andalusians ateneos quoted Saturday in the Sevillian town of Mairena del Alcor, in the II Forum of Ateneos to work for the twinning of both federations in order to eradicate prejudice among the Catalan towns and Andalusian and discuss problems and common search for solutions within the atheist movement.


It tata an open with unquestionable vocation to build free and independent culture and strengthen coexistence between different in these troubled times where our cultural pillars resent forum.


Through roundtables, conferences and workshops, more than one hundred representatives of Catalan cultural centers and Andalusian discuss the present and future of cultural circles or atheneums, the role of women, strategies to professionalize these spaces of cultural diffusion and how to bring culture to citizenship in the current context of communication.


The event has the support of the Generalitat of Catalonia and the Andalusian Arts Centre Board of Andalusia, it has been organized by the federations of cultural associations in Catalonia and Andalusia since its inauguration the presence of Antonio Manuel Rodriguez is planned and Salvador Casals, respectively presidents of the Federation of Ateneos Andalusians and Catalonia, Antonio Conde, mayor Mairena del Alcor, and Marta Alonso, Deputy Minister of Culture of the Junta de Andalucía.