25 Oct
27 Oct
The Arbonaida Athenaeum, with the collaboration of the City Council of El Cuervo, organizes these days that are framed within the Historical-Archaeological Project that is currently developed by this cultural group and that covers various areas such as the collection of documents, photographs and audiovisual material, obtaining of oral testimonies, virtual reconstruction of the popular architecture of El Cuervo de Sevilla, etc ...

The days will begin on Thursday 25 with a guided tour of the Archaeological Museum of Jerez de la Frontera, with the collaboration of the Association Friends of the Museum of Jerez. Given the existence of numerous pieces of great value found in the surroundings of the Sierra de Gibalbín and the population center of El Cuervo, the visit acquires great interest.
On Friday, October 26, in the CCA José Moreno Vargas "El Mojiconero", headquarters of the Ateneo in the CC Postas House of El Cuervo, with free admission until full capacity, will develop a series of lectures and round table where the History and Historical-Archaeological Heritage of El Cuervo and its surroundings from different edges. Participants researchers (archaeologists and historians) both independent and several universities (listed in the program). The content of the papers will be collected and published in a monographic edition of the specialized magazine Ligustinus.
On Saturday, October 27, we will start the day with a guided tour (the route is included in the informative triptych) that, starting from the urban center of El Cuervo and stopping at various points of historical importance, will take us to the Parque Rocío de the Chamber, where a recreation of a Roman camp by the Ad Urbe Condita Association of Madrid will take place.
The day will end with a presentation in the Classroom of Nature entitled "History, mythology and architecture in ancient astronomy" and a guided celestial sighting by the astronomical Association of Magallanes Jerez.
All activities are free and free (except for € 3 entry to the Jerez Museum).
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