17 Dec

Cultural Ateneo Andaluz Arbonaida El Cuervo (Sevilla)

The Cultural Ateneo Andaluz Arbonaida collaborates again this year, with the Illustrious City of El Cuervo de Sevilla in organizing the XIII Contest Cuerveño Mosto.
This activity, in which various taverns and private producers local must participate, aims to be a meeting place, coexistence and knowledge around a traditional, artisanal product and keeps a deep cultural trait of the area, with a form of self production throughout the process and that is perpetuated for centuries.
The jury will be composed of a technical team, composed of students of Degree of Enology at the University of Cádiz, whose score will account for 80% of the grade of each wine. The remaining 20% ​​will come from a popular tasting, free participation, which joined in last year and it was a success of participation. In addition, this year's novelty is the participation of private producers, without an open public place, harvest their own grapes and produce their own wine.
As a complement, there will be free tasting of traditional tapas and performance of singer Rocío Moon. The events begin at 11 am and is expected to end around 14: 30h, time will awards.
The continuity of this activity will be the Ruta del Mosto Cuerveño II and V Tasca Flamenco in the next 22 January 2017, activity on the previous year was a success of participation and organization and we will report later.
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