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The Auditorio de la Merced will host in September the X Annual Meeting of the Athenian Federation of Andalusia

Whose presentation was last March 30 at the Town Hall of Sanlúcar


Sanlúcar will host on September 14 the X Meeting of Andalusian Athenaeums , an event to be held in the city on the occasion of the V Centennial of the First World Tour and that will gather more than 400 people in the Merced Auditorium.

Under the slogan Sanlúcar, a round-trip cultural adventure , the municipality will host the tenth edition of these annual meetings that the Andalusian athenaeums have been organizing for a decade. The Ateneos de Andalucía Federation was constituted in 2006 and is currently composed of twenty entities that encompass more than 4,600 associates .
The public presentation of this event was held in the Patio de Columnas of the Municipal Palace with the presence of the mayor, Víctor Mora ; the provincial deputy of Culture, Salvador Puerto ; the president of the Andalusian Federation of Athenaeums, Manuel Simancas ; and the president of the Ateneo de Sanlúcar, Manuel Reyes .

José Manuel Caballero Bonald, Sara Baras, Antonio Manuel Rodríguez Ramos and Rosario Camacho Martínez will be named Ateneistas de Honor . On the other hand, the Casa Medina Sidonia Foundation will receive the distinction called Ateneo de Honor .

The mayor thanked the Athenian of Sanlúcar "his constant work in pursuit of culture and traditions and his important role in the celebration of the V Centennial." The president of the entity Sanluqueña, who was in charge of welcoming the attendees, stressed the importance of this meeting that will host the city .

The Camerata del Ateneo de Jerez , directed by Emelina López, put the musical touch to the act of presentation.