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The Andalusian Athenians show their sorrow for the death of who was their first honorary attendant, Salvador Távora.


Salvador Távora was appointed, in March 2010, by the Ateneos de Andalucía Federation, "Ateneísta de Honor de Andalucía", as well as the Teatro Távora, Ateneo de Honor. This appointment was made in Seville at the First Meeting of Andalusian Athenaeums chaired by Luciano González Ossorio.

SALVADOR TÁVORA, Andalusian playwright, actor and theater director, internationally recognized for his innovative contribution to theater, and his defense and commitment to dignifying the cultural values of Andalusia.

Key figure and reference during the Transition period, he took his way of seeing, feeling and understanding Andalusia all over the world, revealing a heartrending Andalusia through theater, dance and flamenco singing, with an enormous creative capacity , full of symbolism changing with it the stereotyped image that it had. His theater, he said, "does not do an andalusia, tries to do Andalusia, recover its manipulated history, leaving us as a heritage a way of understanding theater from ethics and aesthetics, from Andalusia and the world.

During the act the theater play "Andalusia between legend and history", bitter of his company La Cuadra de Sevilla was carried out. A spectacular montage of images, dance, singing and music and at the end of a colloquium and the participation of the presidents of the different athenaeums.

Salvador said that he felt more like an ateneist and defined his company as an "itinerant Athenaeum", committed to the culture and values that the Athenians of Andalusia defend.

In 2017, the Ateneo de Málaga dedicated a monograph to him in his magazine ANS. Salvador Távora received a special distinction from the Most Excellent Athenaeum of Seville, as well as the Popular Athenaeum of Seville and shared his theater with the Ateneo de Dos Hermanas. One of his great achievements was to show that theater can go beyond conventional dramaturgy. Thank you, teacher, for your innovative contribution to theater and culture, as well as for your honesty and commitment to Andalusia.

Rest in peace.